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Corporate Responsibility

At Monad Precision Engineering, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible way. Our management team generate a positive environment for all of our employees and a high level of trust and respect with our customers.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility applies to all our activities and is governed by the following:

Business Ethics

Our aim is to ensure that we always act in a moral, ethical and legal way and do not compromise ourselves or others by our actions. We will always offer the best solution known to us to ensure the delivery expectations of our customers are met and improved upon where possible.

Environment & Sustainability

We are committed to Sustainability and minimising our impact on the Environment. As a result, our objective is to operate in a way which ensures good environmental management in situations where we have control.


We are committed to providing a working environment where everyone feels valued, respected and able to happily work and contribute well without prejudice. When recruiting we actively look and train locally to ensure a cross-section of cultural origins, age and gender.

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